At Orlar, we offer a practical solution to one of humankind’s greatest challenges – producing food for a growing population with less resources – in the world’s most climate-vulnerable regions.                       

Our commitment is to continue innovating whilst providing clean jobs for more people; ensuring supply chains are lean, green, equitable and fair; our materials and products are sustainable, and clean food reaches those that need it most.       

We will never lose sight of ever-greater possibilities to deliver positive impacts to people and planet, as we focus on what we make, how we make it and with whom we partner to be the most efficient food producers on the planet.

Orlar’s goal is to transform lives and landscapes. We outline below four key aims that demonstrate our commitment to the preservation of native biodiversity, the minimal consumption (and conservation) of natural resources, and improving the wellbeing of people, both in and outside the organisation.

Accelerate Innovation and Transparency

Continue investing in R&D to achieve sustainable, energy-efficient farming of temperate crops at low altitudes

Measure and publish impacts in real time

Achieve Net Positive Environmental Impacts

Zero Chemical Residues

Zero Landfill

Zero Nutrient Pollution

Net Zero GHG Emissions

Highest water efficiency

Transform Communities

Produce the cleanest fresh food at the lowest cost

Provide clean, safe jobs in rural areas

Empower women, promote inclusion to marginalized communities

Partners for Impact

Build cohesive partnerships and publish environmental & social contributions

Enable perpetual impact solutions

Board-level governance of our Environmental & Social Management System

By using IFC Performance Standards as guiding principles and the ISO 14001 as a framework, Orlar ensures that our food production technology remains energy & water efficient, pollution-free, produces net zero GHG emissions, and has truly positive environmental and social impacts.